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MrDouble is effectively dead. Its operator is in prison, convicted in the United States for hosting files that, to our understanding, did not include a single living child.

We at ACErotica believe it would be tragic for these works of fiction to simply disappear, however much that would please some people. So, upon reflection and your input, we have decided to make available the archive that is in our possession, without comment on content or quality. (Let’s be honest: some of this stuff we would never read. That doesn’t mean it should not be saved.)

The links below comprise the entirety of the archives thus far made available to us, with our thanks to those who donated and compiled their collections. All files remain the property of their respective owners. If your archive here is incomplete and you wish to add any files, please let us know.

We are providing links to the zip files rather than upload each story individually. Once we learned that the text files number in the Tens! Of! Thousands!, we realised that none of us would live long enough to see the effort completed. (And for those of you asking us to reconsider, the answer is somewhere between “no” and “FUCK no!!” 🤪)

ACErotica does not utilise membership, it does not host any real children, and nor do we profit from this site in any way. All legal, terms of use, and privacy conditions apply.

TL;DR: never hurt real kids.

MrDouble Archives (incomplete)
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